Governance of the Institute
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Governance of the Institute
The Institute’s supreme powers lie with the Annual General Meeting to which all Members are invited annually to elect seven Members to Council, to consider and approve amendments to the Institute’s Statute and Bye-Laws when necessary, and to attend to any other business.

The Institute is governed by a Council of fourteen members drawn from all spectrums of the Accountancy Profession. All Council Members are democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Election of the fourteen seats is staggered, with seven seats contesting the elections at every AGM. A Council Member’s term of office is two years, at the end of which s/he can seek re-election. Council normally meets on every first Tuesday of the month.

The first task of every Council is to elect a team of four people from within the Council to serve on the Institute’s Officers Committee for the year ahead as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. The Officers Committee normally meets every Tuesday.

Click here to view a list of Members serving on Council and on the Officers Committee.  

Council also appoints, on an annual basis, chairpersons and members to serve on the Institute’s various Committees. Click here to view a list of Committee Chairs and Members serving on the respective committees.

Council also recruits permanent staff who are responsible for the running of the Institute’s day-to-day business. Click here to view a list of the MIA permanent secretariat.
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