CPE Accreditation Rules
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Accreditation Rules
Accreditation of CPE activities is a duty which has been delegated by the Accountancy Board to the Malta Institute of Accountants, as the approved accountancy body under Directive 1 issued in terms of the Accountancy Profession Act and the Accountancy Profession Regulations

‘AAB’ refers to the approved accountancy body, hence the Malta Institute of Accountants.  

The Accreditation Process

A course provider seeking accreditation from the AAB shall send an e-mail to accreditations@miamalta.org, at least three weeks prior to the event. The course provider shall provide the following information:

(a)  A detailed final course programme/s of the event including at least a timetable, a short summary of each session and the course venue. Duration of breaks if any should also be specified; and
(b)  A profile of the speaker/s (qualifications) and a summarised curriculum vitae.

The AAB reserves the right to request further information.

Given that the event is deemed relevant, the AAB will issue an accreditation invoice which is to be settled in advance. The accreditation process will be initiated once payment is received.

The AAB will grant accreditation via e-mail clearly indicating the accredited hours and the area of Competency in which the event qualifies. An event reference number will also be communicated.

The AAB will also issue pre-numbered electronic certificates to be printed by the course provider prior to the event. These are to be distributed in consecutive number order to those participants requesting a CPE certificate mainly (i) Members of the Malta Institute of Accountants and (ii) warrant holders. Remaining participants should be provided with a certificate issued by the service provider.  

On the Friday before the event, the AAB will upload the event’s details on the AAB’s website.

The AAB reserves the right to appoint a representative to attend, at no charge, events that it has accredited to ensure that pertinent rules and procedures are being followed.

After the event, the course provider shall fill the Accredited Event Review Form, and return it to the AAB within five working days from the date of the event.

Postponement / Cancellation of an Accredited Event

Should the course provider for any other reason opt to reschedule an event, the AAB should be immediately notified by e-mail. Once agreed, the rescheduled event’s date should also be communicated in the same manner.

Should the course provider for any other reason cancel the event, the AAB should immediately be notified by e-mail.

Repetition of an Accredited Event

Should the course provider opt to repeat an accredited event, an e-mail with the required information listed in the Accreditation Process section of these Rules should be sent to the AAB for review and confirmation of accreditation.

Use of ‘Accreditation’ Term

Terms related to the accreditation of CPE hours should not be issued on any promotional material prior to the accreditation being granted by the AAB.

Once the accreditation is granted, the service provider can make use of the following statement when promoting the event “This event has been accredited with X hours of structured CPE qualifying under Core / Professional Development competency as per the Accountancy Board Accreditation Rules.”

The terms “Accountancy Board”, “AAB”, “Accredited”, “Accreditation” or variants thereof cannot be used in connection with events which have not been accredited by the AAB in accordance with these Rules.

Accreditation Fees

The accreditation fee charged on a cost recovery basis amounts to €140.00 excluding VAT and covers:
(a)  The accreditation process;
(b)  Issuance of electronic certificates; and
(c)  Uploading the details of the event on the AAB’s website.

The accreditation fee charged for a repeated event taking place in the same calendar year in which the initial accreditation was issued amounts to €50.00 excluding VAT and covers:
(a)  Issuance of electronic certificates; and
(b)  Uploading the details of the event on the AAB’s website.

The accreditation fees are non-refundable once the accreditation process is commenced.


The performance of CPE accredited service providers will be monitored throughout the accreditation process. Any violation to any of the above-mentioned rules will be monitored and action taken where deemed appropriate.

Applicability of these rules

The AAB accredits only:
(a)  courses which are open to the general public; and
(b)  face-to-face courses. Online courses are not accredited.

In these Rules: 

An event can be (i) a one session or (ii) multi-session, where participants have the option to attend any of the sessions or all the sessions

In these circumstances, the fee charged is of €140 excluding VAT. One accreditation number is allocated to the event.

When a number of parallel events will be held simultaneously, the fee charged will depend on the number of events taking place. 

Obligations of the Service Provider

Under these rules, the service provider is obliged to:
•  Submit the required information within the stipulated deadline;
•  Settle the accreditation fee;
•  Submit the Accredited Event Review Form;
•  Inform the AAB in case of postponement and cancellation of an accredited event; and
•  Promote the event as accredited after accreditation is granted.

Obligations of the Approved Accountancy Body

Under these rules, the AAB is obliged to:
•  Administer the accreditation process.

For any clarifications or if you have any queries, you are kindly requested to contact the AAB on 2258 1900 or via the above-mentioned e-mail. 

Last Updated: 23 December 2014
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